Your Computer

To run InspiroScan, you'll need:

Your Scanner

You'll also need a scanner. For best results, your scanner should:

  • Be able to save in TIFF format.
  • Be able to scan in monochrome / black and white (grayscale may also be compatible).
  • Be able to scan two-sided (duplex) for scanning double-sided forms.
  • Have an automatic sheet feeder so that you don't have to manually load each page.
  • Be TWAIN compliant. This is only necessary if you want InspiroScan to control the scanner directly.

If you don't have a scanner yet, we currently recommend the Fujitsu fi-7160.

The InspiroScan Form Creator, a free online tool for creating anonymous survey forms, requires an internet connection.

| Rutgers University

“We prefer InspiroScan a million times over Scantron!”
Rutgers University, Department of Exercise Science

| Department of Biology

“I would definitely recommend this product to my colleagues.”
Johns Hopkins University, Department of Biology

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