Outfielder Web


EMS Outfielder Web is a hosted ePCR software solution for collecting patient care and billing information in the field.

Collect Complete and Compliant ePCR Data

  • NEMSIS v3.4.0 compliant
  • CEMSIS compliant
  • HIPAA compliant
  • Runs on PCs, Macs, iPads, and more!
  • Crew information
  • Dispatch data
  • Mileage data
  • Geographic data
  • First Responder data
  • Ambulance Provider and related times data
  • Patient billing information
  • Field clinical impression data
  • Utstein cardiac data
  • Medical assessment and injury data per body region
  • Patient information
  • Patient care data including medications, procedures, doses, routes, locations, attempts, vitals, and more
  • Transport and transfer of care data
  • Supplies used data
  • Patient and call narrative
  • Insurance payment authorization and signatures
  • Refusal of service information and signatures

Ensure Patient Care Record Completeness

EMS Outfielder Web lets system administrators configure which fields are required for PCR completeness. Users are notified when required fields aren’t complete, and PCRs print with the word “DRAFT” until they are complete.

Generate Patient Care Reports and Forms

EMS Outfielder Web allows you to generate Patient Care Reports, Insurance Authorization Forms, Supply Reports and more! A reporting module for handling in-depth data analysis and QI/QA reporting is also in development. All reports can be printed, faxed or emailed as encrypted attachments.

At Inspironix, we specialize in software customization to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. If EMS Outfielder Web does not already contain the report you need, let us know, we can build it!

Save Time

  • Touchscreen-friendly pick-lists facilitate fast, easy data entry
  • Automatic recall of patient information, great for frequent patients
  • Ability to turn off fields
  • Ability to set default values for fields, such as Ambulance Provider, that will be the same for most calls
  • Ambulance Provider times are provided for quick reference on the Care Data page
  • Supplies automatically filled in after a procedure or medication is entered

Manage Your Personnel Data

EMS Outfielder Web allows you to store detailed information about your personnel including their certifications, classes, and negative certification actions (actions that could cause suspension of certification).

Ensure Data Security and Integrity

EMS Outfielder Web is password protected with 16 possible user access level configurations. Additionally, it comes with the following features that help ensure your data is always safe and secure:

  • 256 bit AES encrypted data exports for enhanced security.
  • Configurable Automatic Non-activity Logoff feature
  • Logging of all patient care record create, look, modify, and delete activity
  • Automatic saving of data during the data entry process
  • Data validation during the data entry process
  • Saving to your local machine during periods when you don't have access to the internet


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