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1 FAQ - Emergency Medical
1.1 What is the licensing model for EMS Outfielder Web?

Licensing is paid on an annual basis and includes hosting, system updates, documentation, and support during the licensing period. Licensing is per user, so you should be licensed for the maximum number of concurrent EMS Outfielder Web sessions you will need.

1.2 I have 20 medics. Do I need to purchase a license for each of them?

No, licensing is per concurrent user so if you only expect 5 of those users to be logged into the system at any given time, you would only need 5 licenses.

1.3 Can I use EMS Outfielder Web on an iPad?


Yes! EMS Outfielder Web has been tested, and works great, on the iPad.

1.4 Where will my data be housed?

EMS Outfielder Web is hosted on Inspironix servers in a Class A data center in Sacramento, California. Our contracted data center includes temperature control, backup power, and physical security. Only authorized individuals with valid identification are allowed physical access.

1.5 If I'm working on a PCR and I lose my internet connection, can I keep working? Will I lose any data?

Yes, you can continue working. Your data will be saved on your device until an internet connection becomes available. You will not lose any data!

1.6 What is Software As A Service (SaaS)?

SaaS is a software delivery model where the application you use is hosted by a service provider and made available to you over the internet. Instead of purchasing a license for an application that you install on your computer you purchase use of a hosted solution set up for your organization(s). Click here to reference the Wikipedia definition.

1.7 What are the benefits of SaaS?


  • Reduced cost
  • Instant access to the latest application version
  • Less infrastructure required for implementation
  • Compatible with a wide range of operating systems
  • Real-time access to your data, wherever you are
  • System backups are automatic
  • Data security becomes our job, not yours
2 FAQ's - InspiroScan
2.1 Can we customize the reports with InspiroScan?

The beauty of the InspiroScan product is the ability to customize the reporting to meet your specific needs.  In addition, InspiroScan does not require standard Scantron forms and can work with any hardware. 

3 FAQ's - Government and Higher Education
3.1 Are you on CMAS

Our company has valid standing with CMAS and 

4 FAQs - Salesforce & Lightspeed
4.1 What version of do I need to run your Lightspeed sync tool?

The Lightspeed POS sync tool, with the product name of Insight, requires clients to have at least one version of enterprise edition of  If a company is running Professional Edition they need to have workflow enabled. 

4.2 Is your company willing to provide a quote for salesforce consulting even if we don't run your product?

Yes, we are certified consultants focused on helping you build your sales funnel or cutting operating expenses.   Depending on your goals, we can help you drive revenue or slash expenses with automation and removal of redundancy.